Nathalie Schreckenberg Jewelry pieces are often irregular and textured, this is intentional and a
fundamental part of the design. Silver will naturally oxidize, show wear and patina with time. 
This natural patina develops from exposure to air and moisture. This can be removed with a soft cloth designed especially for use with jewelry. Silver is a soft metal and will possibly scratch over time. 

We advise not to use beauty products such as perfume and lotions near the jewelry.
Please be careful to avoid exposing jewelry to household chemicals and cleaning products, which may also damage the stones and silver. To maintain the finish, keep your jewelry stored clean and dry.

We work with natural gemstones, for that reason, inclusions and colouring can differ from stone to stone. All Freshwater Pearls used in our jewelry are unique, shapes and sizes are all different.
The gems in the jewelry can crack or break if dropped against a hard surface, careful handling is recommended. 

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